Strong Value Proposition for Clients

Unique Research on Undiscovered Stocks

Our intuitive research and clear, consistent and well-defined deliverables offer a compelling Value Proposition for clients:

1) VIP, founded over 12 years ago in 2009, has always focused on unique, undiscovered stock ideas.
2) Strong track record of performance for both large institutional and HNI clients.
3) Ideas are typically not mainstream: out of favor, at attractive low prices, minimal/no research coverage. Extensive screening done on Bloomberg terminals.
4) Even one successful idea will cover the entire cost of our research service.
5) Team of well trained, highly experienced analysts, available to institutional & retail investors.

Investment Focus: Undiscovered + Deep Value + Growth

We believe under followed stocks with deep value multiples, growth and catalysts will exhibit superior risk-reward. High dividend yields, extraordinary low valuation, large net cash positions, huge discount to book value or hard assets all help to cushion a stock's downside risk.

Many of our stock recommendations exhibit the following characteristics:

• Approximately 2/3rd of our ideas have been in growth industries [i.e. normal revenue or earnings growth of more than 2x GDP growth rate]
• We search for High Dividend Yields to appeal to retail clients, creating a steady source of income
• All our stocks have multiple catalysts that are likely to unfold over the next 6-12 months to unlock value
• All of our ideas have been ignored by Wall Street analysts, this creates opportunity in undervalued and under followed stocks

Our 10+ page PDF reports include detailed IS/BS/CF forecasts, rigorous ratio analysis and Discounted Cash Flow valuations & price targets on all our recommendations.