Value Proposition

Strong Value Proposition for Clients

Our unique research and clear, consistent and well-defined deliverables offer a compelling Value Proposition for clients:

1) VIP’s stock ideas have delivered above-index returns since inception [8+ years]
2) Ideas are typically not mainstream: out of favor, at multi-year lows, minimal/no research coverage
3) Even one successful idea will cover the entire cost of our research service
4) Team of 6 well trained, highly experienced analysts at a fraction of the cost
5) More cost effective and differentiated than bulge bracket Street research
6) Customized client-specific research available upon request

Investment Focus: Deep Value + Growth + Leadership

In the classic Graham & Dodd tradition, we believe "deep value" stocks exhibit superior risk-reward. Net cash stocks, high dividend yields, extraordinary low valuation, huge discount to book value or hard assets all help to cushion a stock's downside risk. Many of our stocks exhibit the following characteristics:

• Approximately 2/3rd of our ideas are in growth industries [i.e. normal revenue or earnings growth of more than 2x GDP]
• 50% are clear industry leaders ranked in the top of their industry by market share
• Approximately 1/3rd of our ideas have either been eventually taken over, or have been the subject of concerted shareholder activism
• All our stocks have multiple catalysts that are likely to unfold over the next 6-12 months to unlock value

We believe traditional bulge-bracket Wall Street firms have virtually ignored this segment of the market place and, in fact, we often find our best ideas among stocks where there is no research coverage or the Street is bearish on. We do detailed IS/BS/CF statements and DCF's on all our recommendations. All stocks are screened for minimum daily liquidity thresholds, and we focus on stocks across the capitalization spectrum: Small, Mid and Large-cap.